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Skincare Sunday: 5 Things to Do Today LOKA.HAUS

Skincare Sunday: 5 Things to Do Today


Do you have a daily skincare routine?

5 quick ways to improve (or create) it.


Skincare - aside from general fitness & nutrition - should be your top priority. A daily skincare routine is a must, regardless of your lifestyle, background, or gender. As the largest organ on our body, it can easily improve - or take away - your overall wellness.


1. hydration

The easiest way to improve your skin? Water. Skin is 64% water, making hydration the primary nutrient for keeping your skin fresh. Do you look fatigued, “dull”, bloated, or even inflamed? Drink water. It seems simple enough, but most of us drink less than recommended on a daily basis. While the recommended amount varies by a person’s lifestyle, 1 oz. per kg is the easiest way to calculate. Plan for 16 oz. upon waking, at each meal, and before bed to keep it simple.

2. spf

Can’t stress this enough! Aging is primarily impacted by UV exposure. We experience this on a constant basis, even at undetected levels while inside. Skin absorbs almost everything from its environment, especially light. This can alter moisture balance, discoloration, inflammation, and sensitivity. Already having discoloration? Protecting current skin discoloration from UV rays will actually decrease melatonin over time. You only get one skin, so protect it wisely!

One of my favorite free online tools to use: EWG Skin Deep - a database built to track skincare ingredients & rate products according to their “clean” factor. This is a MUST for SPF, as many commercialized SPFs contain known toxins. They even have a robust list of daily SPF moisturizers here. And a friendly reminder: makeup alone is NOT an alternative for SPF.

3. moisturize

Moisturizing can vary from skin type to skin type, which is why we’ve created our LOKA.HAUS Duality Oil & LOKA.HAUS Truth Serum. Getting the right (quality) product is key for clear skin. Many products are full of preservatives, synthetics, and chemical derivatives - all of which get absorbed through your skin. Whatever product you choose, check the ingredients! Aim for as few preservatives as possible, and zero fragrance, to avoid negative reactions.

Nervous about oil-based skincare? Dryness and oiliness can occur from a LACK of natural oil production in the skin - whether from over-cleansing, inconsistent moisturizing, or pH imbalance. Oil-based skincare can help balance your skin by providing a balanced amount of oil day & night, and over time, your skin will thank you for it.

4. simplify

Tired of using 10, 20, 50 products daily? Us too :| . I recently saw an Instagram post (read: brag) picturing the number of skincare products someone had (almost 50!) and used on a weekly basis. WHY THOUGH? This could certainly relate to our health routines of addressing symptoms rather than the root of the problem. If you are having to use 15 products to “cure” or cover breakouts, it’s likely that one or more is the root of the issue. Our skin wasn’t made to host ten layers of product, so don’t treat it that way.

Find products with understandable ingredients (like ours ;) ) and eliminate any extras. Necessities: skin-specific cleanser, day/night moisturizer, SPF, toner, vitamin and/or acid-based serum.

5. massage & mask up

There are 40+ muscles in our face alone, and those muscles need exercise and maintenance just like the rest of our body. Massage helps work and maintain elasticity in muscles, and helps increase circulation while decreasing toxins. Massage can range from facial exercises, to facial tools designed for massage.

My favorite daily tool is the Foreo Luna 3 - an electronic silicone facial cleanser & massager (+ anti-wrinkle massager on the back!!). It holds 650 uses per charge + vibrational sensors to let you know when to switch zones. They even have the Foreo Luna Mini or Foreo Luna 3 Men.

For a non-electronic tool, choose a gemstone massage set like the ORA Pink Crystal Roller & Gua Sha. These can be used after cleansing, before (or during) moisturizing. Please avoid “micro-needle” at home sets, as these can introduce bacteria into your skin if not used appropriately.

After massage, add a mask 1-3x a week. Like the rest of your skincare products, choose wisely. Choose a reputable brand with understandable ingredients, whether it is a brush-on mask (liquid, mud, etc.) or paper/fabric leave-on mask (no charcoal peels!). My favorite tool is the Foreo UFO 2 or Mini 2, which uses sonic pulsations, LED light therapy, and heating elements to insure full nutrient absorption. For a leave-on mask, try SK-II Facial Treatment Face Mask.


Now that you have your routine, get to it & stick to it :) ! For any questions, please comment below.

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