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Sustainability is our top priority.

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All of our products are currently handmade by Lisa (Founder & CEO) in Austin, TX! Additional help is utilized from local operations in Texas or certified sustainable operations outside of Texas. Our products are made with the intention to address “fast fashion” and therefore are designed to be sustainable, reliable, and high quality.

LOKA.HAUS does not believe in simply buying cheaply designed products to resell as our own, nor designing cheap products to be over-priced & over-produced. Fast fashion is detrimental to our personal livelihood, as well as the national and global economy. All products are designed with multiple purposes in mind, and meant to last for as long as they bring you joy.


Gemstones, fabric, skincare ingredients - all are chosen intentionally, ethically, and sustainably. We take into account many factors in our purchasing process and we do not buy into the quick sale. Integrity is of our highest priority, which is why we extensively research our supply chains.

We investigate our material sources and look for sustainable, ethical, and equitable operations to purchase from with a focus on stateside operations. Please understand that not all materials can be sourced within the US because of material availability & material production viability. We look for small and/or sustainable operations to purchase from.

Because of this, we hope you understand that our products may take longer to make or ship. We design with you in mind, and will wait to produce the proper quality.