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Our Team

Lisa Husberg | Founder & CEO

I am a native Texan but a nomad at heart. I’ve always loved the arts, and from a young age dreamt of having my own brand. My formal education is from the University of Texas in Textiles & Apparel, but my career has ranged across retail, tech & hospitality. I’ve always loved opening businesses, whether they were stores, restaurants, or hotels, and opening my own brand has been the most exciting journey of them all.

Even though LOKA.HAUS recently launched, this is an idea I’ve had since university. Sustainability & wellness have always been a passion alongside design, and my dream was to launch a functional, affordable, luxury brand.

This brand is my baby, and I am dedicated to creating simple, sophisticated, versatile products at an accessible price. Everyone deserves to look and feel good, without worrying about the price tag, where it came from, or how it was made.

With that mindset, I am further dedicated to building a community + raising awareness on issues such as women’s rights, equity, diversity, and sustainability. I stand with my community and am focused on building a brand that truly gives back.