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Winter Non-Profit LOKA.HAUS

Winter Non-Profit

An integral part of LOKA.HAUS’ mission is to raise awareness for women’s rights, pay equity, diversity, & sustainability. In order to do this, we not only write about current trends & issues on our journal, but we also donate a portion of sales to supported organizations.

Each season, we will choose a single organization for donations. & this Winter, we have chosen GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN as our selected non-profit.

I have long been a supporter of Global Fund for Women. They support gender justice across the world, specifically in developing countries, by allocating funds for equity & equality movements throughout different communities. This movement-led effort allows designated committees to shift power and resources towards their most urgent needs. By empowering communities, social change is made more effective and ultimately sustainable.

Gender justice is not a singular view of feminism or women’s rights. It is an intersectional movement that supports systemic redistribution of power, opportunities, and access for people of all genders through the dismantling of harmful structures including patriarchy, homophobia, and transphobia (Global Fund for Women: What is Gender Justice?)

Research continues to show the positive effects of pay equity: increased spending, decreased poverty, sustainable households, and uptick in overall GDP. Pay gaps in any area, whether gender, race, household or economic status, has shown to widen the economic gap between classes, and contribute to economic instability, decrease in higher education, decrease in spending, and generational poverty. (Institute of Women’s Policy Research: Impact of Equal Pay on Poverty & the Economy)

Supporting gender justice means supporting a greater economy & better future. Make a contribution to Global Fund for Women today: donate now.

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