Revived Retro Levi's Shorts


Embrace Sustainable Style with our Revived Retro Levi's Shorts

Our Unmade & Upcycled line features one-of-a-kind pieces, providing a current and modern design to vintage or resale items. Through our Revived Retro Levi's Shorts, make your own statement in both style and sustainability; each piece is hand-treated with bleach and/or dyes for a distinct and captivating look, while also contributing to the reduction of waste and pollution. Multiple sizes are available, and for custom ideas we invite you to email us. Make your mark with an item both stylish and conscious.

Please note that styles shown may not be identical to items in stock! Each color and style will vary as they are custom bleached or dyed, and may vary by size or results.

 Vintage Style, Sustainable Fashion - LOKA.HAUS

100% upcycled utilizing thrifted, vintage Levi's; hand treated with dye, paint, bleach

Each item is 100% unique and different. We will try to add new styles as they are available, but please note that items may vary from those in photos.

Dependent on style.

100% Cotton or cotton-stretch blend

Wash items cold with like colors, inside out. Hang to dry. Iron on medium to medium-high with pressing cloth.

Ironing with pressing cloth will ensure your jeans will not scorch or burn, and will protect the treatment (paint, dye, or bleach). Hanging to dry will ensure the longevity of your product.