Austerity Mala Beaded Necklace


Why Choose the Austerity Mala Necklace?

The number 108 is deeply embedded throughout science, spiritual practices, and ancient symbols. Malas use this number as a path to spiritual completion. Crafted to align you with the ajna chakra, the Austerity Mala is linked to the austerity loka, purple, Pisces, and light - elements that represent the third eye's union of solar and lunar energies, the dissolution of duality, and our personal journey.


  • Snowflake Obsidian: releasing fear & stressful mental patterns, wound healing, detox
  • Denim Lapis: objectivity, self-awareness, clarity, self-expression
  • Rainbow Moonstone: deep emotional healing, detox, internal harmony, intuition & psychic perception

Our stunning Austerity Mala Necklace highlights the beauty of sustainable fashion. Crafted with responsibly sourced gemstone beads, this unique accessory speaks to timeless style and ethical practices. Every piece is handcrafted with attention to detail, upholding the traditions of generations. Wear your necklace with pride, assured that you are supporting a better world. With LOKA.HAUS, luxurious and meaningful jewelry comes together.

Ethical Jewelry, Sustainable Fashion - LOKA.HAUS

Handmade in Austin, TX. Each piece will be slightly unique.

Genuine gemstones, gold-plated recycled brass, raffia, cotton, recycled paper

Avoid direct contact with abrasives such as alcohol, perfume, skincare, etc. Store out of direct sunlight on soft surface or in soft bag.