Ether Mala Beaded Necklace


Elevate your style with our Ethical and Sustainable Ether Mala Necklace

The timeless number 108 is known for its spiritual significance and is ubiquitous across science, esoteric symbols, and ancient structures. Our Ether Mala, created to join you to the current loka, is associated with the vishuddha chakra – the throat, translator of the inner voice, and beyond to the depths of our souls. This chakra corresponds to the human plane loka, blue, Jupiter, and ether.


  • Sodalite: self-esteem, self-acceptance, rational thought & objectivity, intuitive perception
  • Labradorite: aligning physical & etheric bodies, originality, patience
  • African Turquoise: self-realization, purification, loyalty, subtle energy
  • Amazonite: emotional trauma, self-love, self-determination, emotional balance

Our Ether Mala Necklace radiates luxury, handmade in Austin, TX. Crafted with intention, this elegant piece features a hand-selected mix of semi-precious stones chosen for their healing properties. By investing in this ethical and sustainable fashion accessory, you can make a conscious choice to reduce your environmental impact, all while looking good and feeling good. Shop now and experience the difference conscious fashion can make.

LOKA.HAUS: ethical jewelry, sustainable fashion.

Handmade in Austin, TX. Each piece will be slightly unique.

Genuine gemstones, gold-plated recycled brass, raffia, cotton, recycled paper

Avoid direct contact with abrasives such as alcohol, perfume, skincare, etc. Store out of direct sunlight on soft surface or in soft bag.