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Our Story

Our Story


How it all started

LOKA.HAUS was Lisa’s passion project & graduating idea for her closing project at the University of Texas.

Fashion has become a leading contributor & driver in the cycle of poverty through global waste, devalued human capital / unsustainable practices, inequitable pay, and unequal representation.

Recognizing these issues, Lisa wanted to create a brand that utilizes sustainable & ethical production and also promotes lower consumption through versatile designs.

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”
— Vivienne Westwood


“Loka” is a Sanskrit term defining the different planes or realities that constitute our universe. Our products are created to suit all of your needs, no matter what loka you exist in right now.

LOKA.HAUS is a sustainable, versatile luxury brand that designs and produces high-quality, sustainable products with a small-batch, luxury feel. Materials utilized are ethically sourced, naturally derived, upcycled, or recycled.

Our collections are inspired by the colors and textures of foreign landscapes, exotic plants and animals, and the perfect imperfections of all. Each collection is designed to be versatile, meet your multiple needs, and focused on reducing fashion consumption.

We strive to end fast fashion, provide a community centered around sustainable & versatile luxury goods, and educate consumers on inequities & lack of sustainability, specifically in fashion & retail.