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A primary component in sustainability is the creation of materials or ingredients; utilizing sustainable fibers greatly reduces the negative environmental impact.
We focus on suppliers that practice water & energy conservation efforts within their facilities, and materials that are natural, semi-natural, or recycled.

Fabric examples: US-dyed silk, US-milled denim, Repreve, upcycled materials

Skincare & fragrance ingredients are ethically sourced or certified organic.


The secondary component in sustainability are finishing processes applied to materials & ingredients. These processes contribute to toxicity for consumers and the environment.

Our materials limit finishing processes and printing. We utilize fabrics processed and/or dyed in stateside facilities that utilize safe wastewater practices. We utilize handmade suppliers or small-batch production facilities that actively reduce waste through their practices.


Fair pay and safe working conditions are imperative to sustainability. We focus on manufacturing or production facilities that are stateside, up to code, with fair pay and working hours.

While utilizing only stateside manufacturers is not yet feasible for us, we limit our use of overseas, unethical, or mass-produced products. We commit to diligently researching our suppliers’ ethics & production to the best of our ability at this stage in our business.

We also seek facilities and suppliers that honor diversity, equity, and inclusion into their workplaces and community.


Transparency is key in the quest for change. We are building our products & processes to be as transparent and traceable as possible.

We are a small business based in Austin, Texas, with limited resources at this stage. We are committed to making a change, but will admit that it will happen in incremental stages. As we build our company to profitability, we will increase our efforts in product traceability, and work towards 100% transparency.


Sustainability and quality are unfortunately not cheap. Consumerism and fast fashion have built the expectation for quick, cheap, expendable goods.

It is not our mission to perpetuate this myth. Our products are priced at the lowest price point for our profitability & continued production. We build into our cost the ability to create community, donate back to non-profits, and continue our global mission.