"Intensity" Eau de Parfum 30ML


Introducing our Intensity Parfum, a captivating fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. Immerse yourself in the allure of this darkly romantic scent, carefully curated with a blend of exquisite essential oils including bergamot, yuzu, jasmine, rose, tobacco, and exotic woods.

The Intensity Parfum captures the essence of passion and intrigue, enveloping you in a seductive aroma that commands attention. The combination of bergamot and yuzu lends a bright and citrusy opening, while jasmine and rose contribute to the floral heart, adding a touch of sensuality. The fragrance further deepens with the warm and smoky notes of tobacco and exotic woods, creating a captivating and mysterious allure.

Presented in a convenient roll-on bottle, each Intensity Parfum contains 30ML of our premium fragrance. The compact size allows you to carry this captivating scent with you wherever you go, ensuring you can enjoy its intoxicating aroma at any moment.

Immerse yourself in the intensity of this darkly romantic fragrance and make a lasting impression. Our Intensity Parfum is an invitation to embrace your passionate side and captivate those around you with its enchanting scent.

Indulge in the allure of Intensity and leave an unforgettable impression. Experience the darkly romantic fragrance that embodies elegance, sensuality, and a touch of mystery.



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