Natural Earth Mala Beaded Necklace


Natural Earth Mala Necklace: Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

The mystical number 108 crops up in science and spiritualism alike. The sun-Earth distance is 108 times its diameter; it's embedded in ancient architecture and symbols. In malas, it symbolizes a spiritual journey. Our Natural Earth Mala will link you to the muladhara chakra - source of our foundation and survival—and its associated planet (Saturn), element (earth), and color (red).


  • Red Jasper: gentle stimulation, grounding energy, boundaries, dream recall, aura stabilization
  • Black Obsidian: strength, digestion, elimination of spiritual blockages, repels negativity
  • Tourmaline Quartz: energy enhancement, shadow energy, problem-solving, harmonizing of aura & chakra, master healing
  • Smoky Quartz: concentration, grounding, soul cleansing, protection, environmental concern, stress blocking
For those seeking an exquisite piece of ethical jewelry for their conscious fashion collection, the Natural Earth Mala Beaded Necklace is the perfect choice. Handcrafted in Austin, TX with all-natural materials and lovingly designed with the earth in mind, this luxurious necklace is a must-have for any fashionista who takes sustainability seriously. Make a statement with an exclusive, yet tasteful, piece of sustainable fashion - order yours today and join the movement towards a better, more responsible future!


Ethical Jewelry, Sustainable Fashion - LOKA.HAUS

Handmade in Austin, TX. Each piece will be slightly unique.

Genuine gemstones, gold-plated recycled brass, raffia, cotton, recycled paper

Avoid direct contact with abrasives such as alcohol, perfume, skincare, etc. Store out of direct sunlight on soft surface or in soft bag.