Saint Mala Beaded Necklace


What is a Saint Mala beaded necklace?

108 - the sacred numerological symbol found in science and spiritual practices- is woven into each Saint Mala. Representing the path to spiritual completion, this mala specifically connects wearers to their current loka, the anahata chakra. Represented by green, this holy chakra links to the saint realm loka, Venus, and air- providing a sense of higher love and inner balance.


  • Rose Quartz: inducing love, relieving tension, overcoming trauma
  • Green Aventurine: balancing male-female energy, prosperity, compassion, empathy, creativity
  • Burma Jade: longevity, self-sufficiency, elimination
  • Tree Agate: perseverance, fortitude, positive ego, self-esteem, perception

Discover exquisite elegance with our Saint Mala necklaces, crafted with premium materials and expert skill. Our selection features a variety of designs for all tastes, from simple and classic to ornate and elaborate. Perfect for spiritual contemplation or to adorn with grace, these necklaces offer a timeless appeal. 

Ethical Jewelry, Sustainable Fashion - LOKA.HAUS

Handmade in Austin, TX. Each piece will be slightly unique.

Genuine gemstones, gold-plated recycled brass, raffia, cotton, recycled paper

Avoid direct contact with abrasives such as alcohol, perfume, skincare, etc. Store out of direct sunlight on soft surface or in soft bag.