Revived Retro Levi's Jeans


Embrace sustainable style with our Revived Retro Levi's Jeans, a unique and one-of-a-kind piece from our Unmade & Upcycled line. This item takes vintage or resale items and breathes new life into them with a current and modern design. Hand-treated with bleach and/or dyes, each jacket in this collection boasts a distinct and captivating look.

By choosing upcycled and resale items, you contribute to the reduction of waste and pollution while appreciating the value and charm of existing goods. Our Revived Retro Levi's Jeans not only tell a story of sustainability but also showcase your individuality through their one-of-a-kind design.

This particular item is available in multiple sizes, catering to those who appreciate a comfortable and stylish fit. Should you have a custom item in mind, we invite you to email us with your ideas. We love working with our customers to create personalized and meaningful pieces.

Join us in the movement towards a more sustainable fashion future with our Revived Retro Levi's Jeans. Embrace the uniqueness and environmental consciousness that comes with each hand-treated creation, making a statement both in style and sustainability.



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