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Coming soon - October 2020! LOKA.HAUS

Coming soon - October 2020!

It is crazy to think how long ago I first imagined the concept of Loka.Haus. That wasn’t the name at the time, and the concept was convoluted. I thought building a skincare and essential oil line was what I wanted, but it wasn’t my driving passion. I do love those things separately - and they are built to be part of my brand - but I knew something needed to change. How could I expect others to buy into a brand if I couldn’t?

Now in 2020, I believe Loka.Haus to be a concept that can appeal to many lifestyles. It’s not just about what is fashionable - it is about connecting with others who value the same core beliefs and understanding. It’s also about buying into something sustainable, because what we are doing now just isn’t built to last. Products should speak to you, and be a vehicle for learning more, whether it be about yourself or something else in the world.

This is what Loka.Haus represents. Loka is a sanskrit term that defines the plane of existence or dimension you are currently in; it can be representative of a phase in your life that you are currently in or previously experienced. Loka.Haus is not here to direct you toward a certain path; it is here to support you on your journey, no matter what loka you are in.

As the founder of Loka.Haus, I am excited to build a community around these ideals, and even more so cannot wait to see where your journey takes you.

For a sneak peak, check out our pre-sale here!

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“Design for a better future.”
— loka.haus

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