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The Beginning of Loka LOKA.HAUS

The Beginning of Loka: Ethical Clothing, Sustainable Fashion

How it all started


The day that Loka was born was the day I realized that I was no longer the person I used to be. My old life had ended and I was on a brand new path - one that felt true to myself. I left behind the version that had been caught up in what I thought “should” be my life. Along with that were all of my hang-ups with others’ approvals and expectations. I completely overturned my entire life to find the person I really wanted to be, but had been too afraid for so long to follow my passion.

This is the short version of the story. The last year has easily been the single most tumultuous year of my entire life. It is safe to say I effectively destroyed my past - not always recommended - to create something beautiful and new (insert rising phoenix cliche here…). Loka.Haus is the culmination of that year; loka is a sanskrit term that defines the various realities and planes of existence we all experience throughout our lives, each one another step closer to finding our “self”. It is about fully embracing the path we all follow - however disjointed it may seem - to find our identity. This is a journey that never ends.

Building Loka.Haus has never been about status, the new trendy thing, or products built to just look cool (and then fall apart). It is about building a community and brand that are dedicated to functional products that help connect people or allow them the freedom to connect to their path. Even more so, it is about building awareness and social consciousness, inspiring change, and giving back to causes that matter, like sustainability, diversity, and equity.

Loka.Haus is dedicated to creating products that support self-care and focus, and support your lifestyle no matter what loka you are in.


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