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Sustainable Luxury Breaks Ground in Austin, TX LOKA.HAUS

Sustainable Luxury Breaks Ground in Austin, TX

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Female-founded brand LOKA.HAUS launches in Austin, TX

Have you doom-scrolled through new fashion stores online just to find they're grossly overpriced? Tired of clicking on targeted ads of products you know will fall apart? Welcome to 2020 - where no social feed is safe.

The LOKA.HAUS founder, Lisa Husberg, can relate. A University of Texas fashion graduate and avid shopper, she is well-versed in the misleading claims and marketing of major (and obscure) brands. While online sales have skyrocketed, quality and fair representation have taken a nosedive. Even the most "eco-conscious" of global fashion brands have turned out to be *gasp*: not conscious at all.

LOKA.HAUS is not just another fashion brand. They believe in design with purpose and luxury products at an accessible price. They also believe in supporting their community and helping to build the female economy. In order to do that, they are focusing on empowering others and raising awareness through their online community & blog for critical issues such as the economic impacts of fast fashion, pay equity, and proper female representation in the business market.



But do they have cool products? OF COURSE. Are they affordable? YES. Their hyper-local approach to creating has borne a collection of sustainable, versatile goods in apparel, jewelry, skincare, fragrance, & art.

Where functionality meets minimalism, each product highlights the convertible aspects of design. Whether you are working, working out, or going out, LOKA.HAUS is made for you.


Brand highlights:

  • 100% female-owned & operated

  • Affordable luxury goods made locally with ethical or sustainable materials

  • Building community + blog for women's rights, diversity, sustainability, & ending fast fashion

  • Give 10% of sales back monthly to supported non-profit organizations


Will one sustainable brand change everything? Probably not. Can many small, sustainable brands + their supporters change the world? Absolutely.

By providing better alternatives and expanding consumer education & support, major brands will be forced to end inequitable and unsustainable practices. Actions like simply purchasing from minority or female-owned brands can pave the way for future small businesses.

Let’s change the future together - and look fabulous doing it.


Design for a better future. Join LOKA.HAUS on their mission today.


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